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Off to Prague!

Halla malula!

I'm off to prague or lets call it my birthday mission. I'll stop in a few cities in between to meet some friends from the old days.

As a little goody I leave you some of my artwork bout my old life, at the moment I work with the name "eric van steenbergen", this name is about my second name and the netherlands birthname from my mum, also I've made up a new section in the nivigation line to your left "fav videos", where you can see which vids a rockin my life at the moment.

If you wish to comment something on this page you can do this at "Gästebuch" which means something like guestbook" or at "kommentieren" which means comments!

Keep in touch with yourself!

CU in a flash.

Videoname: TRIUM

Ruben de la engel aka eric van steenbergen 

15.10.07 15:06

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