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The flowers and the sun!

I know it was a while now that I left a notice, but I was bussy recording the second LP under my own name, it's called "..about the flowers and the sun" it's fairly melancolic again and it's the first time I added the drums by myself. I'm still editing the last bits, but when I'm finished I'll upload a few songs!

Hope you're all doin alright!?!?

Cheers ruby

1.12.07 15:51

8.11.07 17:36

Jump in the freezer!!!

I'm off to sweden, I'll go there with an ol mate and we'll visit the soulnite festival, which is a 60's Funk revival festival, sounds like a groovy weekend.

Also I'm about to book my flight to zealand for the 5th of april, till then I'll work in the home for homeless kids, where I worked 1 year ago, my job is to drive kids to there Therapy, go vacation with them and rebuild things what they wrecked...

I'll upload some fotos from sweden when I'm back.

Cheers for now!

Ruby ruby ruby

1.11.07 14:37

Death letter

There is light at the horizon, even if I leave death letters everywhere!

Did you ever had the feeling you're at the wrong spot at the wrong time? Well I've got this feeling permanent sience the last three weeks. It is even this bad that I can't talk to people I love, the thought adopts my feelings, this is why  everything looks like I'm goin down the road to New Zealand and I'm tryin to get a permanent citizenship, if I fit in! Cos this gives me the possabilty to life in Australia as well! Man, I REALLY WANNA FUCKIN DO IT! It all kicked off when one of my best mates called me last week and ask me if I wanna go on a trip New Zealand and I thought hell yeah, this is a sign. I just go, even if I feel bad for a few people round here, but I just can't drown in shit to give people the possabillity to see me twice a year. I think people who never lived in germany just can't imagine what a fuckin shithole it is, you're fuckin mistreated by the bloody goverment, this ponging assholes just riped me off, I had to pay 1100 $ to do a test to check if I'm able to drive a car and I've done fuckin nothin wrong! They just invited me and told me had to bring the money, counted!!! Bastards! I know this sounds rough, but I have to start my life now and to leave this shithole is the way I choose.

I keep you updated when I'll be around the kiwis, till then a song for the folks I leave behind.

"Lord, have mercy on my wicked soul.
I wouldn't mistreat you baby, for my weight in gold.
I said, Lord, have mercy on my wicked soul.
You know I wouldn't mistreat nobody, baby, not for my weight in gold."

Son House - death letter 

30.10.07 00:32

Like Mr. Morrison said....

...strange days comin up with sunrise oh lord help me going thru them!

Sometimes everything is beautiful, sometimes everything is beautiful but you don't have the eyes to see it, so you just walking around, tellin everyone, how sad your life is. Bullshit! You have to open your eyes and see the good things.

I'm back from my shorttrip and now I can't wait to see MANU CHAO in two days, together with an old mate I didn't see for a year! At the moment I'm preparing the video about my whole OZ trip and video about my home, so you can see where the end of the world is and where I found my place there...

Last nite, I had one of this youtube nights and I found two videos.


This one is from rodrigo y gabriela, a few vistors will know this video, we watched together in the ol farmhouse close to Albany, gettin high Mawl and tones of beers...


The next one is one of the greatest songs ever written, it's from Pink floyd and the song is called Cymbaline, it's just awesome to find stuff like this, cos I never thought that this thing would be online. The song is one of my first music memories, I was listening to it when I was five years old, watching the pink floyd concerts on VHS cassettes from my mum and for this song I learned how to use the "rew" and "stop" button, to watch it again and again and again, ENJOY!


I hope everybody around the world is havin a good day!

Thank you all for being there!


24.10.07 13:24

I slept under the table I danced on before...

Kia Ora,

I SURVIVED MY BIRTHDAY! I celebrated it in in an old german city called Regensburg in Bavaria (I feel like the public enemy nr. 1 here, sam, Lincoln and Kerri fuckin knows what I'am talkin about!), in a club called "alte maelzerei", a leftsided club with heeps of left radicals and cos it was my birthday they had a fuckin awesome band playin called "the rocket uppercut" They're like a mixure of the Hives and the yeah yeah yeahs! MINDBLOWIN! Also mindblowin were all this sneaky tequilas and the hard bavarian beers!  Sounds like great fun hey!

I put two new videos up in the *fav video section!

Stay tuned and drink some beers for me, where ever you are!

Cheers Ruby

19.10.07 22:12

Off to Prague!

Halla malula!

I'm off to prague or lets call it my birthday mission. I'll stop in a few cities in between to meet some friends from the old days.

As a little goody I leave you some of my artwork bout my old life, at the moment I work with the name "eric van steenbergen", this name is about my second name and the netherlands birthname from my mum, also I've made up a new section in the nivigation line to your left "fav videos", where you can see which vids a rockin my life at the moment.

If you wish to comment something on this page you can do this at "Gästebuch" which means something like guestbook" or at "kommentieren" which means comments!

Keep in touch with yourself!

CU in a flash.

Videoname: TRIUM

Ruben de la engel aka eric van steenbergen 

15.10.07 15:06

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