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Welcome to rawbaukes online kingdom!

Howdy Folks,

yeah welcome to my new page online. I left the bush pilot one behind, cos now I'm off to new missions, we're talkin bout Canada, Alaska, Mexico and the staates, but till then (~Aug 08) I'll spend some time in germany and this is the place were you can check out in which drive way I felt asleep last nite. I do this whole thing cos I'm a fuckin enemy of the Facebook generation, here I'm not invited to all this Bullshit, i can upload my videos and I can say "fuck" as often as I want and nobody will give a shit!


Some of the Australian fellors asked for some of my old music and video stuff and you can call yourself a lucky kid, cos I found some really rare stuff!

Check it out:

Sushicide relivo - soon

In the mighty future you'll find gig reports, video projects, new music and the all day shit about my life on this kingdom here!

Enjoy your night!


Ruben de la Engel

2.10.07 22:19

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