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Like Mr. Morrison said....

...strange days comin up with sunrise oh lord help me going thru them!

Sometimes everything is beautiful, sometimes everything is beautiful but you don't have the eyes to see it, so you just walking around, tellin everyone, how sad your life is. Bullshit! You have to open your eyes and see the good things.

I'm back from my shorttrip and now I can't wait to see MANU CHAO in two days, together with an old mate I didn't see for a year! At the moment I'm preparing the video about my whole OZ trip and video about my home, so you can see where the end of the world is and where I found my place there...

Last nite, I had one of this youtube nights and I found two videos.


This one is from rodrigo y gabriela, a few vistors will know this video, we watched together in the ol farmhouse close to Albany, gettin high Mawl and tones of beers...


The next one is one of the greatest songs ever written, it's from Pink floyd and the song is called Cymbaline, it's just awesome to find stuff like this, cos I never thought that this thing would be online. The song is one of my first music memories, I was listening to it when I was five years old, watching the pink floyd concerts on VHS cassettes from my mum and for this song I learned how to use the "rew" and "stop" button, to watch it again and again and again, ENJOY!


I hope everybody around the world is havin a good day!

Thank you all for being there!


24.10.07 13:24

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Ruby duby (24.10.07 13:28)
Post the links to your fav video, it would be interesting for me to see what rocks your world.
cheers Ruby

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